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  1. PGM-FI light on dash stays on but car will not stay running.
    Honda, CRX Si, 1987
  2. 1993 Acura Integra
    Acura, Integra LS, 1993
  3. 2002 sable transmission
    Mercury, Sable, 2002
  4. 2010 subaru door mirror
    Subaru, Forester, 2010
  5. My Serpentine belt broke. -img-
    Ford, Taurus, 1997
  6. Heater doesn't work
    Acura, MDX, 2004
  7. I'm having starting problems from time to time.
    Acura, Legend, 1992
  8. How do i change the spark plugs on a 1995 Subaru Impreza? -img-
    Subaru, Impreza, 1995
  9. how to change the brake pads on s60r. -img-
    Volvo, S60R, 2005
  10. I am replacing my timing belt -img-
    Honda, Accord LX, 1987
  11. I had to replace a bad heater hose.
    Honda, Civic, 1997
  12. My Honda run-away like crazy
    Honda, Accord EX, 1991
  13. Clutch is gone... -img-
    Honda, Civic, 1991
  14. I have a 97 prelude that won't start.
    Honda, Prelude, 1997
  15. recently my prelude has developed a serious oil leak
    Honda, Prelude, 1999
  16. I have mice in my roof and need a manual to tear off the inner liner.
    Acura, MDX, 2002
  17. My 87 Acura Legend will crank but just won't fire.
    Acura, Legend, 1987
  18. set timming now tran shifts hard
    Ford, F150, 1995
  19. timing belt inspection location
    Acura, Legend, 1987
  20. Transmission hesitates and does not engage into gear after a stop
    Acura, MDX, 2002
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