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  1. My A4 has no reverse but everything else is fine
    Audi, A4, 1997
  2. Left rear wheel is tilted more than the right rear one, causing uneven tire wear.
    Honda, CRV, 1998
  3. 2001 camry temp gauge
    Toyota, Camry, 2001
  4. Transmission problem.
    Acura, TL, 2003
  5. A4 2.0 fsi, has misfire on idle -img-
    Audi, A4, 2003
  6. No heat!
    Toyota, Corolla, 2007
  7. I have a question...
    Ford, Mondeo, 2005
  8. ford escort xr31 mk4 wont start no spark present.
    Ford, Escort, 1990
  9. Overheated due to a failed T stat which was replaced -img-
    Honda, Accord, 1993
  10. It is turning over fine but not starting
    Ford, Focus, 2003
  11. how to fix a cold start?
    Mercury, Mountaineer, 2000
  12. I am trying to replace the left rear strut.
    Honda, S2000, 2006
  13. I had to replace a bad heater hose.
    Honda, Civic, 1997
  14. malfuntioning temperature sensor
    Honda, CRX HF, 1991
  15. Rumbling sounds and leaking oil, check engine light is on.
    Acura, Legend, 1995
  16. Overheated once i've heard steam from the reservior on a couple of occasions
    Acura, TL, 2000
  17. Dies right after it started -img-
    Acura, Integra, 1994
  18. My 98 Accord won't start. -img-
    Honda, Accord, 1998
  19. my car stallls when shifting into 3rd gear
    Acura, Integra, 1988
  20. Can I replace the cam without having to remove the timing chain cover and slack off t.. -img-
    Honda, CRV, 2003
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