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  1. Engine cranks but won't start.
    Subaru, Outback, 2000
  2. 2002 sable transmission
    Mercury, Sable, 2002
  3. 2004 ford taurus power steering pump making noise when turning. -img-
    Ford, Taurus, 2004
  4. brake switch location
    Honda, Jazz, 2005
  5. How do you replace the rear brake pads on a 2004 Hyundai Sonata? -img-
    Hyundai, Sonata, 2004
  6. I am having some sort of electrical issue with my Accord
    Honda, Accord, 2003
  7. I am replacing the head gaskets in a 98 discovery -img-
    LandRover, Discovery LE, 1998
  8. When I put it into drive it takes 5-10 minutes to engage.
    Subaru, Outback, 2000
  9. Locked-up A/C compressor
    Acura, RSX, 2001
  10. idle increases on its own
    Pontiac, aztek, 2001
  11. Oil leak from the engine front.
    Acura, Legend, 1992
  12. Accord began 'ticking' when the car was running (like the turn signals were on).
    Honda, Accord, 1992
  13. no sound on startup
    Honda, accord ex, 1994
  14. Engine overheating - timing belt?
    Acura, Legend, 1991
  15. passenger side air blows hot air
    GMC, Yukon, 2004
  16. replacing rear brake pads on 2006 civic EX.
    Honda, Civic EX, 2006
  17. When I start my car cold, the idling is rough and rather slow.
    Honda, Accord, 1996
  18. Why does my 2004 honda civic keep blowing the ecu.
    Honda, Civic, 2004
  19. Will my Audi take a APR ECU performance chip?
    Audi, A4, 2006
  20. Wont start in HOT weather
    Honda, Accord, 1991
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